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We work in the area of corporate tax planning resolving complex and multi-jurisdictional tax issues associated with corporate business operations such as mergers and acquisitions and corporate financing.

Our team of lawyers offers tax consulting to companies and financial institutions all over the region. We also advise non-resident individuals and corporations on tax issues. Our comprehensive approach to tax planning, both practical and creative, is based on the tax legislation and policy enacted in the investor country and aims at obtaining optimized tax benefits.
We provide:
• A comprehensive and practical approach to tax planning with due account of tax legislation and policy in the investor country aimed at obtaining optimized tax benefits.
• Specific experience in the following key sectors: financial institutions, power industry, infrastructure, raw material extraction, and transportation.
Our areas of work include:
• customs duties and customs clearance aspects
• personal income tax
• mineral extraction tax
• tax planning
• tax structures of cross-border financing
• unified social tax
• VAT and income tax.

We understand the business and legal intricacies of international taxation and strive to offer business-oriented solutions to your problems.


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