ACWA Power organizes the production of “green” hydrogen in Uzbekistan

ACWA Power signed two agreements with the Ministry of Energy and the Uzkimyosanoat concern, Spot reports with reference to the Zawya agency.

As part of one of them, a company from Saudi Arabia will invest in the creation of a complex for the production of “green” hydrogen. It will be located in Chirchik, on the basis of the current ammonia plant.

The design capacity of the future complex will be 3,000 tons of hydrogen per year. Its launch is expected to reduce carbon emissions in the chemical industry and contribute to the decarbonization of the economy.

“Green hydrogen is considered the fuel of the future”,- Zawya quoted ACWA head Mohammed Abunayan as saying. “We are confident in [success] using our global experience to accelerate the development of this vital source of clean energy in Uzbekistan”.

In addition, the company organizes environmentally friendly production of ammonia. According to calculations, it will save 600 million cubic meters of gas annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 million tons.

Back in 2021, the Ministry of Energy signed agreements with ACWA and the American Air Products on the development of hydrogen energy in Uzbekistan. In August 2022, the parties signed another agreement – on the industrial production of “green” hydrogen.

In Uzbekistan, ACWA is working on a number of energy projects. Thus, the company is building the largest wind farm in Central Asia with a capacity of 1,500 MW in Karakalpakstan. The contract with the Ministry of Energy for $1.65 billion was signed in December 2022, the launch is expected in 2026.

In addition, with the participation of a company from Saudi Arabia, wind power plants are being built in the Bukhara and Navoi regions, as well as a small wind farm for 100 MW in Karakalpakstan. It also invests in a new gas power plant in Shirin, Syrdarya region.