Cooperation with ADB

The Asian Development Bank has approved a new country partnership strategy (PCA) for Uzbekistan. This is reported online edition Spot.

Thus, the five-year partnership strategy, designed for 2019–2023, supports government-led reforms to promote a transition to a more inclusive and market-based growth path.

Despite the fact that Uzbekistan is experiencing economic growth, the country faces serious challenges, including combating rising youth unemployment, creating quality jobs, developing the private sector, improving public infrastructure and maximizing the country’s potential as a hub for transport and trade. and regional cooperation in the Central Asian region.

Bank country operations will be aimed at supporting private sector development, reducing economic and social inequalities, and promoting regional cooperation and integration.

ADB will assist in the improvement of cities and villages outside Tashkent by developing rural areas and improving access to financial resources for small and medium enterprises, in particular, owned and run by women.

The Bank will strengthen its support for regional cooperation initiatives in the interests of Uzbekistan, will promote the development of regional electricity trade within the Central Asian energy system and regional connectivity along the main corridors of the countries of the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC).

“The new ADB partnership strategy is closely linked to the government’s objectives of providing a more inclusive and sustainable future for the people of Uzbekistan. Through ATP, we will continue our support in improving water supply and sanitation, improving roads and railways, ensuring the production and export of horticultural products, efficient irrigation systems and the supply of reliable electricity for the population and business. People will have access to improved health services, especially mothers and children. ADB will also assist the government in teaching young people the modern skills needed to find a job and find a job, ”said Cindy Malvicini, head of the ADB Permanent Mission in Uzbekistan.

In addition, ADB will support efforts to create a more favorable environment for the private sector through public-private partnership projects.