Car imports nearly tripled in Q1

In the first quarter, 8508 cars from 21 states were imported to Uzbekistan, it follows from the data of the State Statistics Committee.

Compared to January-March 2021, quantitative imports increased by 5361 cars, or 2.7 times. The volume of value amounted to $189.3 million, having tripled compared to the level of the same period last year.

It follows from the statistics that specifically in March interest in foreign cars fell somewhat. During the month, 2560 cars were imported into the country, against 2911 in February and 3037 in January.

The first place among importers, as before, was taken by China with 4482 cars, in the second with a noticeable lag – South Korea with 2101 units. Kazakhstan gained a foothold on the third line (1019 cars), increasing the gap from Russia, which dropped out of the top 3 in February (741 cars).

In addition, State Statistics Committee recorded a continuing increase in imports of electric vehicles. In three months, they were imported 5 times more than in the same period last year.

Reducing the costs associated with its purchase helps to maintain the demand for foreign cars. So, in January, the fee for the purchase and temporary import of vehicles was canceled. In February, on behalf of the president, customs duties on new imported cars were reduced by 50%.

In the future, duties should be reduced to zero, the president said. According to him, this step will make it possible to develop a competitive car market, provide Uzbekistan with affordable and high-quality machines.

However, CERR also reported a slight drop in interest in foreign cars in March. At the same time, primary sales, even with the resumption of contracting, UzAuto Motors rose slightly.