Our approach

The Law Firm “S.Verenin’s legal group” registered in the Register of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan under No 467 was established in June 2011 by reorganization of the Legal Bureau “S.Verenin’s” operated since 2004, and attachment of the Legal Bureau “ADVICE OPTIM” which also carried out its activity since 2004.

Positioning themselves as business related legal professionals since its establishment in 2004, the specialists from the legal bureaus “S.Verenin’s” and “ADVICE OPTIM“ which merged into the Law Firm “S.Verenin’s legal group” in 2011 which turned into a legal successor, have accumulated sufficient experience in protection and representation of business interests of foreign companies in the Republic of Uzbekistan.


The subject of our company’s activity is the implementation by its partners of the practice of law and the provision of legal and consulting services by the firm to its principals on all issues of doing business in the Republic of Uzbekistan, including those related to the protection of the interests of principals and persons in criminal proceedings in bankruptcy.

In their work, all employees of the law firm S.Verenin’s legal group adhere to high standards of fairness, honesty and correctness in their relationships with principals and avoid any practice that would damage the law firm or the credibility of its employees.

Guided by the motto: “Much more than protection!”, We provide the most effective legal assistance in matters for which we undertake; We defend the interests of our principals in a qualified manner, paying timely and conscientious attention to their wishes.

The legal assistance provided by our firm will avoid many legal problems, and if they arise, effectively protect their interests in court, strengthen the legal basis for the successful conduct of the enterprise’s business in the Republic of Uzbekistan.