The Law Firm «S.Verenin’s legal group» has organized a contest among young talents of the National Institute of Arts and Design named after Kamaliddin Bekzod inviting them to participate in the contest on the theme “Artistic Reflection of Law Firm’s activities” aimed at disclosing company’s culture in its artistic presentation, popularization of Firm’s activities as well as promoting and supporting young talents.


The specific features of the contest were defined by its theme, and the company’s history and the established cultural values and practices determined the performance vector of future works. For this purpose, the contestants were briefly acquainted with the fundamental principles on which the philosophy of the Law Firm “S.Verenin’s legal group” is based on: the symbols and attributes that best reflect the values adhered by the firm were demonstrated.


According to organizers’ idea, the contest consisted of two stages. By the present time, there has ended the first stage in which the judges evaluated the submitted sketches and recommended the participants who meet the second stage criteria. It was important that the judges consisted of representatives from the art field who possess necessary competence and knowledge to carry out examination of works. 

It is questioned by many people, why does the Law Firm needs such an event; in this regard, an example could be the story from the past, when, in the late 18th century, the two friends, advocates – Octave Maus and Edmond Picard brought a daring idea into life – to unite artists of different stylistic areas in order to give the world a fresh eye on art, by abstracting from the classical conservative lapse of that time. Having suffered quite a criticism, the famous “Twenty”, successfully developed its progressive views on painting, sculpture, music and poetry.


Something that seemed as absurd to many, later, became a trend. Creation of the “XX Society” showed that wardship and creation of foundations for implementation of innovative ideas by young artists gives birth to new landmark in the field of art.