Legal protection for your property

You owned a real estate,
funds, securities and other property, but… 
someone is encroaching on YOUR PROPERTY
for no good reason?

Be aware that:

The proprietary right is an absolute right and is protected by the LAW:

Article 53. of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan says:

“Private property is …inviolable and is protected by the state”

Article 166. of the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan states:

“Property is inviolable and protected by a Law. Inviolability of property includes nonadmission of violation of rights of ownership by all entities who confront an owner”

Article 35. Law “On Property in the Republic of Uzbekistan” determines:

If rights of the proprietor, or other persons on ownership, or use and administration of a property belonging to them are violated as a result of promulgation of an Act by the body of State administration or a local administration body, which is not in conformity with the Law, such an Act shall be invalidated by the court’s decision instigated at the proprietor’s or another person’s suit whose rights are violated.”)


At Client’s instruction, the experts of our Law firm carry out due diligences of companies, and legally support transactions related to land plots and other real estate (study entitlement documents and legal history of the real estate, develop legal concept for its acquisition, alienation, optimize transaction taxes, prepare draft agreement, engage notary, appraiser and insurance company if required).



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